Tutu Project Grant Winner

yoga4cancer Class Overview:

Cheryl will teach the grant awarded yoga4cancer class starting in Summer of 2017. Her classes will be attended by cancer patients from the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute, Hartford Hospital. We are extremely happy to share there will be a research component of this grant. Cheryl along with y4c team and research team at HealthCare Cancer Institute, Hartford Hospital will be conducting some research outcomes and/or collect data on the y4c methodology. Cheryl and the y4c team are already working hard to get all the pieces in place for this amazing project.

Cheryl Barriers & challenges in her community:

The income of 43% of residents of the city of Hartford is below poverty level. Economically, attempting to attend both monthly membership based yoga and/or “drop-in pay per class” yoga is a barrier and requires disposable income. Hartford has suffered extensively with poor management requiring a serious amount of budget cuts to education, social services, and administration. It is rumored that this city could face bankruptcy. I am certain that providing a free, consistently available yoga program to patients and care givers who are attending treatment in the downtown Hartford would be welcomed especially since public funded health programs are disappearing and/or are in high demand. Integrative Medicine has served the Hartford population for over 20 years and is willing to invest in the development of a rigorous and sustainable yoga program for these cancer patients and their caregivers.

About Cheryl Guertin:

I have been a registered yoga teacher since 2008 and a certified yoga therapist since 2009. I completed Yoga for Cancer training at Om NYC with Tari Prinster (2011) and a specialization in Yoga for Breast Cancer with Camille Kittrell, of Exclusive Yoga, in Boston (2010). I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2002. My training includes Caring for Cancer Patients and Oncology Massage Advanced Mentorship with Tracy Walton (2014). Currently, I am certified by both the medical staff offices of Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center where I provide massage therapy. My hospital-based massage practice includes adult and pediatric oncology patients, as well as a general in-patient and ambulatory population. As a member of Integrative Medicine, I have gained considerable experience in supporting patients through they’re healing process and am constantly searching for new ways to implement this knowledge for the benefit of their well being. Through collaborations with the Integrative Medicine Department I have worked to pilot yoga programs: within pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, for cancer patients and survivors within both our Hartford and Central Regions of the Cancer Institute. I’m well prepared and dedicated to developing a year long yoga program for cancer patients.

About the Tutu Project

We are grateful and honored by the Tutu Project for providing the funding for this important work. Not only will we be helping hundreds of more cancer survivors, we will be establishing research to prove the efficacy and impact of the yoga4cancer methodology.  That will enable us to work with more cancer survivors globally.

More information about the Tutu Project can be found here.

Watch for updates on the TutTu yoga4cancer class on our yoga4cancer Facebook Page.