Trained Teachers Resource Page

UntitledCongratulations and welcome!  You are part of the growing yoga4cancer Trained Teachers community and we are thrilled to welcome you to our new Trained Teachers Resources section. Whether you have just graduated or its been awhile, we wanted to provide you some tools that could help you. Because the easier we make your job, the more survivors we are all helping. Together, we can help survivors everywhere gain strength, immunity, flexbility, confidence and general wellness. The ripples of support.


Once you have completed the 45hour program, you are certified and would have received your certificate.  This certificate can be used to apply for CEU credits through Yoga Alliance and other continuing education programs. Apply for your Yoga Alliance credits.Sample Certificate

Additionally, you can refer to yourself as:

  • ‘yoga4cancer’ trained
  • ‘yoga4cancer trained with Tari Prinster’
  • Or use it with your name and RYT post-script.  eg Tari Prinster, eRYT, y4c

Marketing Pack

You are proud of your training and want to scream about it… and you want to grow your client list. As such, we have developed the attached y4c Trained Teachers Marketing Pack for your download and use.  It includes:y4c-trainedteachers logo(small)

  1. Trained Teachers Logo
  2. Marketing Collateral Templates: Poster, Email,
  3. Facebook Guidance
  4. Website Guidance

We will continue to review and update this document.  Attached is the latest version for your use. *** document to be included **

Community Building

  • Join the yoga4cancer Trained Teachers Facebook Group – This is our forum for our trained y4c teachers only. It is a closed group so we will have to accept your request to join but we will do that quickly.  This forum will be used to share ideas, opportunities, needs and more.  Its just for us!  Please do make note of the Group guidelines. Join today!
  • SAMPLE Trained TeachersSearch for a yoga4cancer Teacher – The biggest and best tool we can provide you.. is the connection and referral of cancer survivors.  We are committed to this. And we are in final stages of production.  Its taken longer and been more expensive that we anticipated but we want to provide an easy tool for you and the cancer survivors.  So watch out for more updates!

We have several other tools in development.  So please be sure to keep in contact via email, the teacher training portal or Facebook.