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Every element of the yoga4cancer methodology and the training programs are based on research and evidence. We look to the mounting evidence on yoga, cancer, physical and massage therapy and add just some basic human anatomy to inform everything we do. For us…

Yoga is a scientific as it is spiritual.

Throughout our certificate training program, we provide expert guidance, research references, medical articles and, of course, results from our 20+ years of oncology yoga experience.

As an example of the type of research included in the program please download and review the white paper – Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors. Published in 2018 in coordination of a team of oncologists, researchers and editors, we have been working to get this in the hands of oncologists, healthcare administrators, yoga professionals and other integrative healthcare professionals. It has been a successful tool to highlight the need for oncology yoga as part of the cancer care continuum.

Please download and read today.

Ok. I am convinced. I want to becoming trained in Oncology Yoga!