Tips to logging in!

‘How to’ videos on the y4c Portal and Online Training Program:

Please note there are 5 short videos in this playlist to help you through the key areas of the online training program (including logging in, accessing your online training, uploading assignments, bookmarking pages and changing password).  I would recommend that you watch them all but if you need, you can jump to any video in the upper left hand navigation on the youtube video display.

Other helpful tips!

With over 150 people successfully going through the program, we have found that challenges students face accessing the Online System are easily solved. We have collected the below to help you.  Like learning anything, it takes a bit of patience with both the system – and yourself – and it ends up being rewarding.

  • Case sensitive! Your username & password are case sensitive. So please be sure that you are accurately putting in both elements.
  • Use only your registered email. In the past many people have mistakenly signed up to the portal with various emails.  But only the email that you used to register and pay of your course will be the one to provide you access.  Please make note of this email and ONLY use it.
  • Registered but your program isn’t showing up in your profile!  First, please confirm when your program starts.  Access to the Online Training program only is provided on the date of the Online Course commencement as per your registration. You will receive an email once your program has launched.
  • Refresh IconRefreshing your browser page! We have found that due to the ‘cookies’ with the online training system, sometimes users have to ‘Refresh‘ the page after logging in to see and access the training.  This has been a common issue and fix. Refreshing your page is dependent on your machine (Mac vs PC) and browser type (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc).  So please be sure to try this if you are having problems.  NoteThis is the ‘Refresh’ button for most browsers.
  • Close our other browser windows. If you are like me, I have many Chrome windows open and sometimes sevearl pages of y4c training program.  The system can get confused.  So if you are having problems.  Please close all browser windows, maybe even Quit the program, and reload.  NOTE:  this is not always necessary but a good tip if you are having problems.
  • Check your email! For all of our programs, you will have received a welcome email with explicit instructions on your training. These will be sent on the day of your selected program so look through your email for this communication.
  • Use of IPads & IPhones: We have witnessed a few technical challenges with using these specific devices with certain aspects of the online training – explicitly uploading assignments. It does work but takes some ‘work-arounds’….. technology isn’t perfect! Please do the following:-When using Pages, take a screen shot of your assignment, and upload this picture into the online program as your homework assignment. Please be sure to follow the naming requirements.-While in the Pages app, there is an option to “send a copy” of your document. Please email a copy of your document in Word or PDF format to This way, we have both an image and a word/PDF version of your assignment for our records.
  • Pop ups enabled. If you are trying to download your course manual, you must have your web browser settings enable ‘pop ups’.  How to do this is dependent on your computer & browser. Run a search on your computer or even via Google to find instructions on how to enable or disable. You can always disable after you have successfully downloaded.
  • Slow wifi? If you have poor wifi service, we would recommend that you shut down all other ‘heavy’ use programs and / or make sure other family members are not using whilst you are using the online system. For example, if someone is streaming a movie or playing a online game while you are using the Online system, it could be pixe

Still having problems? If you tried the above and continue to have problems , please send us a detailed email with the following:

  1. Confirmation that you have tried the above
  2. Detailed explanation of what is happening
  3. Any error message or screenshot of the error or problem.

And we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Please note: we aim to respond within 24 hrs during the working week. On weekends, support is intermittent.  Please email to