Yoga of Healing and Awakening Summit


With Tari Prinster; Hosted by Cyndi Lee

Join author Tari Prinster as she shares about the roots, evolution and impact of yoga for cancer over the past two decades and outlines the future of yoga as an effective, low-cost cancer management tool that has been shown to improve mortality rates, support individual health and well-being, and reduce health care costs and lost productivity due to cancer. She discusses the genesis of how she began teaching yoga for cancer survivors, how yoga for cancer is beginning to be included in health care facilities, and her vision for the future of this work.

This interview and discussion is one of the 60+ world-renowned yogis, scientists, and beloved teachers from around the world that participated in the Yoga of Healing & Awakening: Summit 2019 from June 21- June 24th.  During this one-of-a-kind experience, participants receives yoga practices, guided meditations, and healing breath-work for restoring, balancing, and invigorating your whole being. You can still access this amazing Summit program. Registration starts at $247 and includes over $500 in value.  Register here.