Intensive Certificate Program

January 26–31, 2020

Our 45 hour certificate program is required training to provide safe and effectively yoga interventions for cancer survivors in your community. Over 2,300 professionals have completed the program and are working in hospitals, cancer centers, yoga & healthcare studios and home all over the world.  Together, we are helping cancer survivors reduce the short and long term side-effects of cancer and cancer treatments and, ultimately, reduce their risk of recurrence. With 40% of the worlds population facing a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, there is greater need for more compassionate and trained yoga professionals to join our community.

Evidence informed. The yoga4cancer methodology is based on the growing body of evidence to therapeutic effects of yoga interventions for cancer patients and survivors. The 435 research studies that have been conducted on yoga and cancer provide the strong foundation of the method and training. Moreover, yoga4cancer is currently participating in several research projects to cement the evidence and provide quantifiable evidence of why this specialized yoga needs to be part of every cancer survivor’s health plan.

The y4c methodology is for experienced yoga or healthcare professionals seeking to support patients and survivors at all stages and all cancer types. The evidence informed method is an adaptable, active vinyasa style that encourages movement coordinated with breath and accompanied with well-supported restorative poses to ensure a cancer survivor achieves the maximum benefits from yoga. The active element is aimed at achieving the guidelines from the American Cancer Society and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to reduce cancer recurrence or the development of other life-threatening diseases. The blend of active and restorative provides an unlimited options for professionals to meet each cancer survivor where they are on any given day.

The training content includes:

  • The physics and physiology of yoga
  • Facts and research about cancer and cancer treatments
  • Short and long term side-effects and how yoga can mitigate or reduce them
  • Appropriate and inappropriate poses
  • Methods and practice exploring how to talk about ‘cancer’ and be authentically supportive to survivors
  • Guidance on how to create an effective and safe class or practice
  • Hands on supervised practice teaching

The y4c methodology was designed by Tari Prinster – cancer survivor, author and yoga master teacher. Since 2005, Tari has trained over 2,300 yoga and healthcare professional from all over the world to develop their knowledge and skills.

Online Intensive Program Details:

  • Program starts in the afternoon of Sunday, January 26 and completed on Friday January 31st.
  • Program is intensive with minimal free time. We recommend adding additional accommodation days if individuals wish to immerse themselves in the Kripalu Experience.
  • Registration through Kripalu directly. Tuition starting at $795.  Room and board options are additional.


  • Program may be taken as part of Kripalu’s 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training or as a standalone program.
  • All participants that successfully complete the training will be provide y4c certification and be provided the opportunity to be listed on the y4c trained teachers directory. Additionally, we provide ongoing webinars, resources and grants for our trained teachers community.
  • Yoga Alliance CEU credits are awarded based on length of any of the training and individuals must be registered BEFORE the training program begins.  Please review all the YA requirements. These credits are applicable to most +300 to 500 advanced teacher trainings.
  • IAYT  – We are proud to be part of the specialty school pilot of IAYT certification.  Receive 23 hours of IAYT credits. Learn more here.

Successful Participants:

Yoga Professionals: The y4c training is recommended for certified experienced yoga teacher starting at the 200 hour level from any lineage. In addition, it is recommended that participants have teaching experience of more than 1 year to absorb the maximum benefits of this training program.

Oncology Professionals: About 30% of y4c trainings include oncology and healthcare professionals who have a personal yoga practice and believe yoga can and should play a large role in cancer patients’ wellness plan and included in the Oncology & Cancer Centers’ services.  Approval of application is required.

Other Wellness Professionals: Healthcare professions such as physical therapist, social workers, massage therapists, pilates and fitness instructors etc. are encouraged to apply. As the number of cancer survivors grows world wide, the specific focus on cancer enhances the knowledge base of all other professions. A solid  personal yoga practice must be demonstrated.  Approval of application is required.