yoga4cancer Livestreaming

Saturday @ 11:00 am

yoga4cancer Class Description:

Yoga has many benefits, but it is especially beneficial to those that have been diagnosed with cancer. It helps increase flexibility, reduce anxiety and stress, support the immune system and enhance overall well–being.

  • Build strength and flexibility in safe ways
  • Stimulate the immune system and build bone density
  • Cultivate a sense of well-being
  • Create hope and community
  • Empower all to take control and enhance quality of life
  • Are taught by an experienced, trained y4c teacher

All y4c instructors have received advanced training and are sensitive to your concerns as a post-operative patient or someone currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Classes are excellent for all levels, including beginners. Yoga classes are mat-based but we can modify them if you prefer to sit in a chair. Please reserve a spot in advance, as class space is limited.