FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between the Intensive 5 Day and Online + Weekend Programs?

Answer: Nothing except for the style of learning. The curriculum is identical from the manual to exercises.  However, due to feedback and understanding of educational principles, we believe the learning process of the Online + Weekend Program will be more effective.  You will be able to retain more information and use over a period time through your existing teaching and practice. So it is our recommended approach for the majority of our students.

Question: Can I take the online section only of the Online + Weekend Program?  

Answer: This is not recommended as the Weekend Session contains fundamental hands on experience in applying the methodology and practicing the skills and information that you have learned.  Of course, the online section will provide you valuable information that is excellent but we believe that the hands on supervision and support is required to be fully trained.  Therefore, those that do not complete the weekend session will not receive a certificate.

Question: Do you accept payment plans?

Answer: Sadly, our online payment solution – Stripe – does not provide the option of payment plans. On exception we do allow for payment installments to be sent via check if all payments must be received 10 day prior to the start of the Online training.  If you have a request, please send us an email to y4ctrainings@y4c.com.

Question: How long will I have access to the Online content?

Answer: If you are a registered Online + Weekend Program attendee, you will be provided access to the online content and learning program for 12 weeks: seven prior to your weekend training and four after.  After that point the content will be not accessible.  If you have a request or a requirement, please let us know by contacting y4ctrainings@y4c.com.

Question:  What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: Below is our cancellation policy as of March 25, 2015:

Online + Weekend Program Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations must be made in writing to y4ctrainings@y4c.com based on the following:

  • Less than 15 days prior to the Online training commencement, deposits and payments are not refundable.  However, you can change to another similar Online + Weekend program if registration is still open.  There will be a small fee of $25 to change.
  • Between 16-30 days prior to the Online training commencement, full course fees can be refunded, less a $250 administrative fee.
  • If notice is given more than 30 days prior to the start of the course, full course fees can be refunded.

Question: What if yoga4cancer or the partner studio has to cancel or reschedule?  

Answer:  We absolutely do not plan nor foresee this happening.  But in cases of extreme circumstances e.g. illness, weather, etc.,  we want to ensure that our approach is fair. If the training is rescheduled or cancelled by Yoga 4 Cancer or studio partner, we will provide the following options:

  1. Change to the new date or choose another Online + Weekend program – There will be no fee associated.  But no travel costs will be reimbursed.
  2. Refund based on the pro-rate of access to the Online course. For example: if the training is cancelled 2 weeks prior to the weekend training. But no travel costs will be reimbursed.

Question:  I have registered for a Online + Weekend Course but no longer able to attend my chosen Weekend Intensive.  What are my options?

Answer:  We understand that things can happen. Overall, you can elect to take your training at another location that is currently open for registration.  There will be a small fee of $25 to change.  Please send an email toy4ctrainings@y4c.com. as soon as possible.

If there is no availability or registration is closed for the new training dates and locations, you must reference the cancellation policy above to understand if you are able to get a refund.  Once the course (e.g. the Online training) has begun, no refunds will be authorized.

Question: What if I am unable to complete the Online training prior to the weekend training?

Answer:  The Online training is essential to the productivity and quality of the Weekend Intensive.  And as an individual’s preparation will impact the quality of the group training, we require that all Online content is completed and submitted one week prior to the first stay of the Weekend Intensive.

Managing your Online training is entirely your responsibility.  We will endeavor to support you but you must complete the training through Module #6 prior to the Weekend Training. If you have not submitted Homework Assignment #5.4 at least one week prior to the start of the Weekend Intensive, you will be asked to not to attend the training.  You will be given the option to change your weekend course (with administration fee of $25). No travel costs will be reimbursed. Some exceptions apply.

Question: What if I miss a class or training day?

Answer: To obtain a diploma and letter of completion you must attend 100% of the classes to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements. However, we understand that you may not be able to foresee every conflict, so we have devised the following procedures if you must miss a class.  We will work with you to provide options (based on your training program and location) to achieve the required hours.  Some options will require additional costs.

Question: What is I have paid for my Online course and my application is not accepted?

Answer: The only circumstances where this will happen is if you are not a certified yoga instructor or another similar healthcare professional and we find that you would likely not benefit from the training. This is very rare but we recommend that you ask for guidance at y4ctrainings@y4c.com prior to payment of your course.  If this does happen, we will offer you a full refund less a $25 administration fee and hope that you come back to training when you are qualified.

Questions: Are books and materials included in the price of the training?

A digital pdf of your student manual is included in the price of the training, however the printing costs are not included. Tari’s book – Yoga for Cancer – is highly recommended but not included.  We recommend that you purchase through y4c.com/books as this will provide a donation to our non-profit that provides scholarships.  Additionally, you can purchase through your studio and through other major retailers.

Question: Can I use my iPad or iPhone to access and complete the online portion of the program?

Answer: Students have been able to use the Pages app on their iPads, and the manual is accessible using an iPhone by providing a password. However, we are aware that it is not possible to upload a document from the iPad to the online program, and it is necessary to upload all homework assigments in order to progress through the onine modules. We have investigated this issue, and our support team has informed us that this is an ongoing problem with ipad, and there is not yet a seamless solution. For now, please do the following:

-When using Pages, take a screen shot of your assignment, and upload this picture into the online program as your homework assignment.

-While in the Pages app, there is an option to “send a copy” of your document. Please email a copy of your document in Word or PDF format to y4ctrainings@y4c.com. This way, we have both an image and a word/PDF version of your assignment for our records.