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True compassion flows from knowledge and facts.

Without specific training, a teacher of yoga is not fully equipped to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges of those touched by cancer. Cancer survivors will come to yoga with high expectations. They want to know you know. The y4c training will provide you the knowledge and facts necessary to work with this growing community.


FREE SAMPLE: Module #1

Curious about the Online learning program? Want a taste of Tari’s and yoga4cancer teaching method. Take this free SAMPLE Module and get a good feel.


Yoga of Healing and Awakening Summit

Join Tari Prinster and Cyndi Lee for a discussion on Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors. Free online webinar.


Yoga for Cancer Workshop

Please join Tari Prinster, founder of yoga4cancer, in a 3 hour workshop for only $87 in the comfort of your own home. This workshop includes: Two 60 […]

New York City, NY

Online + Weekend Certificate Program

Join Tari in the New York City for our 45 hour Certificate Program. Join the 2,300 trained professionals worldwide. Weekend Intensive dates are November 8-10th. Register early and save!

Austin, TX

Online + Weekend Certificate Program

Join Tari in the Austin, TX at the YMCA Southwest Austin for our 45 hour Certificate Program. Online Program starts August 26th with Weekend Intensive from Oct 25-27th. Register early and save!

Richmond, VA

Online + Weekend Certificate Program

NEW DATES! Join Tari in the Richmond, VA at the Massey Cancer Center for our 45 hour Certificate Program. Join the 2,300 trained professionals worldwide. Training starts – November 4th. Weekend Intensive dates are Jan 17-19th. Register early and save!


Intensive Certificate Program

Enjoy the winter wonderland of Kripalu this January through the yoga4cancer Intensive Program. Join Tari for our 45 hour Certificate Program. Gain CEU credits with YA, IAYT or Kripalu.

New York City, NY

Online + Weekend Certificate Program

Join Tari in the NYC for our 45 hour Certificate Program. Join the 2,500 trained professionals worldwide. Weekend Intensive dates are May 15-17th.

Miami, FL

Online + Weekend Certificate Program

A perfect destination training! Join Tari in Miami, Florida for our 45 hour Certificate Program in March 2020. Join the 2,500 trained professionals worldwide. Program starts on January 13th. Register early and save!

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More Training Options and Locations Coming!

We will be adding new training locations, dates and options throughout the year. Please pre-register and be the first to know!

yoga4cancer Certificate Program

A 45 hour program that enables yoga and healthcare professionals to safely and effectively support cancer survivors and Patients.

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I use the expression, “life-changing” very sparingly, but yoga4cancer was just that. Every bit of what I learned was critical information to teach yoga to students with cancer. This training provided me with practical and important tools and knowledge to teach safe and effective classes.

Tomoko Teacher Trainer

I loved my experience with yoga4cancer. I thought I was going for the asana and returned home with a deeper knowledge and a better understanding to cancer treatments, and how the human body responds to yoga. What a great experience with Y4C, such an eye opener. I will now teach yoga with a greater awareness.

Kathleen Teacher Trainer

This training exceeded my expectations in the techniques for teaching yoga to individuals with cancer and those in remission or survivors. The research behind the specific yoga asanas, the sequencing and the benefit to cancer patients or survivors was beyond what I had anticipated.

Judith Teacher Trainer

The y4c training was a very empowering experience. I feel much more confident in my abilities to teach yoga and relay all of its benefits to those touched by cancer. I would recommend y4c to anyone wanting to be able to safely teach yoga to cancer patients and survivors.

Kelly Teacher Trainer

The y4c program is scientifically based and loaded with knowledge as well as a deep level of compassion. I am fortunate to have taken this training and hope to share my knowledge to those dealing with cancer, providing them with a sense of empowerment.

Sarah Teacher Trainer

Wow! I am so pleased that I participated in this training!    The learning received on what cancer is and how it affects the body alone is very valuable.  Then add addressing fears and obtaining knowledge of how to teach and adapt yoga for the cancer community…priceless!

Crystal Teacher Trainer

The training improved my knowledge in the science of both yoga and cancer, and my comfort level in teaching yoga to this unique population.  The training focuses on meeting the needs of people living with cancer at all stages, from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, and I feel totally prepared to work with people at each of these stages.

Karen Teacher Trainer

This training is not just another training to have in your tool box.  This training is life changing in how you see cancer and how you can help others.

Brandi Teacher Trainer

Yoga for Cancer training by Tara Prinster and her team is absolutely the best Yoga training I have ever experienced. The training captured my attention from the beginning by openly and candidly talking about the C word. It wasn’t just fluff talk but concrete, scientific information that you can use.

Priscila Teacher Trainer

The Y4C methodology is a brilliant combination of science, experience and compassion. As a cancer survivor and yoga teacher, this training changed my life. I learned how yoga can benefit those touched by cancer, as well as the importance of community and knowledge in the healing of body and mind.

Ana Teacher Trainer

The Y4C methodology is practical for presenting yoga with modifications to the cancer community. This training gave me the tools and the confidence to teach yoga safely when the body has been compromised by the side effects of cancer treatment. The experience remains invaluable.

Donna Teacher Trainer

I was blown away by the knowledge and understanding I gained during this training.  I feel totally prepared to teach classes in the cancer community and also to work with students one on one.  Tari’s approach is accessible while being firmly ground in science in evidence.

Lisa Teacher Trainer

Y4C training opened my eyes to a yoga practice that is invaluable to a patient in treatment for cancer and/or a survivor.  It is empowering and educational to a patient undergoing such life changing events.  If you are a yoga instructor looking to make a difference in someones life…this is it!

Cheryl Teacher Trainer

If you are a yoga teacher and have interest in teaching yoga for cancer, I so highly recommend the Y4C training. It is comprehensive, thorough and very informative.  You’ll be well prepared.

Debra Teacher Trainer

Coming from no medical background, this training has giving me so much knowledge about cancer and health in general, critical thinking skills, hands-on teaching tools, confidence, and an open heart and mindfulness compassion to continue my journey as a yoga teacher for many years to come.

Lydia Teacher Trainer