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Please download and review your Curriculum here: Chicago 2018 Curriculum

Go at your own pace!  The online study is self-paced to provide you as much flexibility as possible. There are 31 hours of work to be completed. We recommend that you do at least 5-7 hrs per week to achieve all the modules before the weekend training. Do not cram all your work into one or two weeks. We have designed the training to encourage self-reflection and use in your existing teaching practice and / or self practice. The online learning is incredibly valuable and required for the weekend intensive and for certification.

Regardless of your pace of study, you must complete Modules 1 through 5 and all assignments at least one week before your Weekend Intensive. If you do not, we have the right to excuse you from the training (although we really hope this is never the case!) Beyond individual comprehension and preparedness, the quality of the learning experience for everyone who partakes in the weekend intensive depends on everyone’s shared understanding and knowledge of the material.



You now have access to the Online Training program for 14 weeks. There is a link below to the Online Training program. Please read through this entire page before clicking! Remember you must be logged in at all times to access your training program and other content. You can access the Online Training through Your Profile – Your Training and select Online + Weekend Program.

We have worked with LearnDash (a leading learning management system) to make the online learning easy to follow and straightforward. We have had excellent feedback but, with any system or new process, it takes time for us all to adjust and learn.  Think about it like a new asana or pose… you rarely perfect it the first time but other time it becomes intuitive. Please be patient with yourself and system; and please let us how we can help you.

Tips to logging in and using the Online Program. We have had over 500 people successfully go through the online course.  We have used their tips and tricks to create a few videos to help you make your experience even easier.  Please check those out here.



There are two live Webinars that are mandatory for certification. They are interactive, fun, and engaging sessions…. and a great opportunity to talk with the y4c team and your other trainees. Please block the time in your schedule now.

Use of a computer or tablet is recommended and you will have to download the ‘Zoom’ software once. The link to the first webinar is provided below and more information about the webinars will be sent up to 24 hours before the sessions.

  • April 4th @ 4pm (Central Time) – Introductory Webinar. Watch replay here.
  • May 16th @ 4pm (Central Time)- Q&A Webinar with Tari

If you cannot attend the live sessions, a link to the webinar recordings will be provided.Please note that the recordings are not an ideal way to participate, as the live sessions give you the chance to comment, ask or share with Tari, the y4c Team and your training group!


We are thrilled to be launching the 3rd Edition of the Manual. We have taken Tari’s 15-year running manual and provided the latest in 3rd party research, science and data; plus with unique advice and guidance, detailed breakdown of the y4c methodology and poses; and much, much, more. Steps to download the manual are at the bottom of the page.

Yoga for Cancer – The Book.  Although it is not required, it is highly recommended. The content is different and supports each other.  Providing you more experience and exposure to the methodology, science and perspective.  It can be purchased through most retail outlets.  Purchase through Give Back Yoga Foundation store and our non profit will receive a donation.  Buy your book today!



  • Dates: Friday June 1 to Sunday June 3rd
  • Location: Wellness House, 131 North County Line Road, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521

Full participation in the weekend is required. Please block your calendar protecting the time and make appropriate travel arrangements. Missing sections of the Weekend Intensive is not allowed and could prevent certification. Ensure that any arriving flights are scheduled to arrive no later than 1pm on Friday, and plan any departure flights no earlier than 5pm on Sunday evening.

Weekend Schedule

  • Friday: 2 pm – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm
  • Sunday: 9 am – 3 pm
  • All sessions includes breaks.
  • Specific Details about the weekend will be provided before arrival.

Weekend Accommodation: Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds’ Campus is our updated recommended accommodation for those that are traveling in for the training. Its located 15 miles from O’Hare Airport and 5 Miles from the Wellness House location. The hotel has walking path, 3 restaurants, fitness center, pool and there is a shuttle service to restaurants. Rooms start at $161 per night. Please note prices are increasing due to the holiday weekend – so book early.

Please make all reservations directly with the hotel here. Once we have a final roster and know of those that are staying at the Hyatt, we will be sure to circulate to help with transportations during the training.

Question / Help?!

We are here to support you! We will be monitoring your progress throughout the online training program. We will be providing group feedback to assignments, quizzes and overall progress. Additionally, we are here give support or answer questions. Please note that we are available Mon, Wed and Friday from 9-noon. Otherwise, we will be monitoring emails and try to get back to you within 24 hours. Please email us with your questions at y4ctrainings@y4c.com. Provide as much detail of your questions as possible.

Now, lets get started.  We have important work to do together!

Step #1: Download the yoga4cancer Manual


Step #2: Access the yoga4cancer Online Training