Marketing Toolkit

Marketing is an essential tool to growing any business. And as our businesses are about helping cancer survivors everywhere, marketing is vital to helping those touched by cancer.  We now have 2,300 trained professionals working with us so our collective voice or marketing power is growing. The more we work together, the stronger our voice, the more cancer survivors we help to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Together we are better.

Below are some basic marketing assets to get you started:

1) yoga4cancer Certification:Sample Certificate

Display and share! Your certification provides you credibility.  yoga4cancer is becoming well recognized and you should make sure any potential clients, partners or organizations know about your qualifications. Additionally, you can refer to yourself as:

  • ‘yoga4cancer’ trained
  • ‘yoga4cancer trained with Tari Prinster’
  • Or use it with your name and RYT post-script.  eg Tari Prinster, eRYT, y4c

Get your CEU credits! This certificate can be used to apply for CEU credits through Yoga Alliance and other continuing education programs. Apply for your Yoga Alliance credits.

2) Trained Teachers Logo

This exclusive logo has been developed for our trained teachers that have completed our +40hr training.  The logo can be used on websites, marketing materials, emails, facebook events, business cards etc. It provides the reassurance to others that you have received training.  And the more we use it the louder our collective voice will be.

y4c-trainedteachers logo(small)

Advice to download:

  • Click click on the logo and a new page with a larger logo will appear.
  • Right click on your mouse and select ‘Save Image As’.
  • Upload and utilize in any of your marketing materials.

Please note we own all rights to this logo and reserve the right to ask that anyone to cease use of it.  We would only do this if someone is deceptively using and potentially hurting our brand and business.  Please do not use the other yoga4cancer logos.

3) Marketing Poster

We have developed a standard poster for you to use to drive awareness and registration to your yoga4cancer programs.  As we know not everyone has graphic design resources, we wanted to provide something that was easy to use. Or provide others with the basics to do even better.

Please download the following:

  1. SAMPLE – This poster provides a suggestion on the rough lay out for your poster and the types of things that you should include about your yoga4cancer class.
  2. BLANK Poster – This is designed blank so that you can fill in the details of your specific class or service.  This can be done in two ways.
    • By computer or graphic design program.  Most computers today have some basic version of a pdf reader that provides simple ways to edit a pdf.  These can be ‘Preview’, Adobe, or various other new tools. If you are new to this, please do some research based on your specific operating system and computer.  This is an excellent tool for all your marketing needs. Once you have figured out the system, use the Sample to insert your details.
    • By hand: For some, the above and computers is daunting so simply writing in the details as per the Sample above is a good option.

Once you have your poster, you are welcome to send to us for input and / or share on the Facebook group for feedback as well.  Then print and distribute far and wide.














Distribution suggests: Yoga studios; cancer centers & hospitals; health food stores (e.g. Wholefoods); yoga clothing stores – Athleta or lululemon (a great way to see if sponsorship opportunities); community centers; senior centers; alternative health stores… and don’t forget to circulate via email and Social Media!!!

Please note we own all rights to this marketing poster and reserve the right to ask that anyone to cease use of it.  We would only do this if someone is deceptively using.

***Stay Connected****

y4c Trained Teachers Forum on Facebook – This closed group is your forum to connect with other teachers from around the world and to connect with us.  We share opportunities (grants, classes, trainings etc) and we hope that you share your news, opportunities or questions amongst your fellow y4c trained teachers. The ultimate aim is to provide the best support we can to the cancer community everywhere. So we do request that you focus on topics on this relating to yoga for cancer care. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be sure to answer the questions about where your training was conducted.  This enables us to easily track who are legitimate teachers (e.g. we are getting loads of requests.)  Join us today!

Please remember the Ownership and Proprietary Rights Agreement: The brands, names, logos, trade names, trademarks, service marks and other distinctive identifications (collectively “Marks”) in the y4c Teacher Training Manual, including, without limitation, “Yoga 4 Cancer” and “y4c” are the trademarks and intellectual property of and proprietary to Yoga 4 Cancer, LLC. No part of the y4c Teacher Training Manual or Training Program may be reproduced in any form except by prior permission from Yoga 4 Cancer, LLC. All requests must be sent with full details to