Level 1 Y4C Teacher Training Homework


Thank you for being a participant in the y4c teacher training.

Congratulations on completing Level 1 y4c teacher training! It was a great honor to have so many wise and compassionate yoga teachers with which to share and explore ideas about teaching yoga to cancer survivors. Most important to me was the exchange of information and witnessing how much everyone wanted to learn and develop our yoga teaching skills in the training laboratory. I learned from each of you and a lot about my own teaching in the process. Thank you.

The Final Assignment included here is simple and important. It is a questionnaire about the training, your experience and observations. Please fill it out and submit it here on the web site. Once submitted, you will receive a letter of verification for your earned CEU credits.

Please don’t hesitate to contact jen@y4c.com if you have any questions.

Thank you again and I look forward to remaining connected!

Namaste, Tari

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