Help us pay it forward!

We at y4c and The Retreat Project commend you for taking courageous action and stepping into the role of yoga teacher, empowering students with Cancer to find healing and health.

As a recipient of the Kelly Considine Scholarship Fund, you are a most valuable asset, key to continuing our work, and vital in paying it forward so that others may experience this methodology.

Though the training may be over, our service to others is not. In exchange for your scholarship funds, we asked that you contribute in two ways:

  1. Host a Fundraiser
  2. Write a Blog Post about your experience.

We are tremendously proud and grateful for our Kelly Considine Scholarship winners.  That means you.  You do truly embody the spirit of Kelly for which the award was designed to reflect.  So we are thankful for all that you have done and contributed.

Now we must ask for your support to help the next group of compassionate, driven individuals that hope to participate in the training and then take forward into their community.  We would like you to help us fundraise for our 2017 Scholarship fund and to help the other valuable projects that we support.

And, you will benefit.  Doing outreach events and activity is also a great way to drive awareness and engagement in your work and education within the yoga for cancer community.  It creates opportunities and a forum to talk about your training and your commitment.

Fundraising: Here are some ideas that have been successful for past recipients:

  • Yogathon/Donation Based Class: An example can be found here
  • Movie Screenings of YogaWoman featuring Tari Prinster
  • Raffle off Private Class(es) with you!
  • Utilize your unique skills (bake sale anyone??)

Tools to make it happen!

  • Collecting Donations! The Retreat Project has a dedicated fundraising page in Razoo. From here, you can create your own fundraiser, drive traffic for donations via ticket sales to your class, yogathon etc, and encourage donations for those who cannot attend or if your fundraiser is not a live event. 
  • Marketing Tools:
    • Download the below y4c&trp headerbanner and us on your Razoo page!
    • Photos – Use any that we have on the site or let us know what you need!
    • Website – Please be sure to include our website
    • Suggested copy for a Yogathon or donation-based class:

The Holidays are a time of reflection and appreciation of the many blessings in our life. Through gratitude and acts of generosity we evoke change in the world.  On XYZ date, join your practice with purpose as we host a special open-level class to benefit The Retreat Project. This non-profit group is committed to helping low-income and under-served cancer survivors and patients through yoga4cancer classes, workshops and trainings. If you are unable to attend, we encourage to donate on our Razoo page here (after your link is created).”

Suggested Timeline

With the giving season fast approaching, we would humbly ask that these activities happen by June 2017. Whether it be an email request to friends or an in-person event, anything you do is appreciated.

We are here to support you, please email with any questions.