Host a y4c teacher training!

What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to provide specialized cancer training to compassionate yoga teachers and medical professionals in your area.
  • Rental Revenue.  Please note we ONLY consider revenue splits with significant justification of existing teacher training contact base and interested parties. 
  • Get your studio listed on y4c website as a host studio.
  • Extend your studio’s class schedule & offering by including a specialized yoga4cancer class.
  • Be part of a growing community of compassionate and educated teachers.

What is required?

  • Hours: Up to 16 weekend hours from Friday – Sunday.
    • Suggested: Friday from 2-6 pm, Sat from 9-4pm and Sun from 9 – 2pm. Some exceptions and changes can be made upon agreement.)
  • Location: We consider two type of locations:
    • Large cities and/or convenient location to transportation is required. Large airports must be within 30 mins of location. NOTE: More than 50% of our students fly in for trainings.
    • Destination Trainings – More rural, less convenient locations are considered if host studios can provide examples of successful trainings and desirable location.
  • Large room to accommodate 25 people or more with props (eg. 45 sq. ft per person = 1,125 sf minimum). Same room for both days preferred with hardwood floors.
  • Bountiful yoga props: Blocks, bolsters, blankets, matts and straps. The following yoga props are necessary for every participant: 1 Mat; 2-4 Rectangular Blocks;1 Bolster; 2 Blankets; and 1 Strap.
  • Existing yoga teacher training program or therapy program is required or highly recommended to provide an easy base for marketing and attendance.
  • Marketing support: Email, website, newsletters, posters and other targeted activity. y4c will provide assets and templates for you to use.

** We are currently taking applications for 2019 host studios.**

About yoga4cancer Teacher Training:  For full information about the program including sample videos, visit click here.

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