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Strategic Partnerships

We are looking for select strategic partners to host the weekend portion of our certificate Online+Weekend Program across the US, Europe and select other locations. A strategic partners must also commit to 1) offering an ongoing yoga4cancer class post training and 2) able to host a training at least once per year.  The reason for these requirements to build a deeper relationship with both studios, yoga professionals and the cancer survivors we hope to serve.

Please note we receive many requests to host trainings and wish we could handle or support all requests. Today, our small team is only able to manage a handful every year. Our hope is in the future we will be able to provide training options to anyone that wants to host and / or participate.

Host Requirements:

Hours: Up to 16 weekend hours from Friday to Sunday.

  • Sample Weekend Schedule: Friday from 2-6 pm, Sat from 9-4pm and Sun from 9 – 2pm.

Location: We consider two type of locations:

  • Large and/or convenient locations close to major transportation is required. Note: more than 50% of our students fly in for trainings.
  • Destination Locations – Less convenient locations are considered if host studios can provide examples of successful trainings and desirable location.
  • Smaller cities or towns are not possible.

Large Dedicated Room

  • Large: a room to accommodate a minimum of 25 people including extensive props (eg. 45 sq. ft per person = 1,125 sf minimum).
  • Same room for both days is preferred
  • Hardwood or similar floors.

We do not consider locations that can accommodate less than 20 people because our minimums are 15 participants.

Bountiful yoga props:

  • The following yoga props are necessary for every participant: 1 Mat; 2-4 Rectangular Blocks;1 Bolster; 2 Blankets; and 1 Strap.

Existing yoga teacher training program or yoga therapy program is required or highly recommended to provide an easy base for marketing and attendance.

Marketing support: Email, website, newsletters, posters and other targeted activity. y4c will provide assets and templates for you to use.

Commitment to offer an ongoing yoga4cancer class post training.

Our Partner

Benefits to hosting:

  • Improve the support of the cancer survivors that are today coming to your classes and studio.
  • Engage new audiences to grow your student base by offering a specialized yoga4cancer class.
  • Advance the skills of your teachers and provide new teaching opportunities.
  • Create new partnerships with healthcare and medical professionals and organizations in your community.
  • Rental Revenue.  Please note we only consider revenue splits with significant justification of existing teacher training contact base or a more strategic partnership opportunity.
  • Extend your network and visibility through yoga4cancer board marketing.
  • Be part of a growing community of compassionate and educated teachers.

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