Get involved and make a difference.

Volunteer & Work Options

Getting involved

Improve the lives of low income and under-served cancer survivors

Whether you are a certified yoga4cancer teacher, cancer survivor, caregiver, healthcare provider or compassionate human, there are many ways to get involved with the yoga4cancer mission. Much progress has been made within the past two decades to bring yoga to the lives of cancer patients and survivors, but there is more work to be done. We welcome your motivation and compassion. Together we can make a greater impact.

Below are 4 concrete ways you can help!

Money makes the world go around.

#1 - Fundraise:

Good intentions and genuine compassion are the sparks that can light our efforts aflame. We must also put in the hard work and generate support in order for our efforts to grow. Adequate funding ensures longevity and sustainability for the yoga4cancer mission. And ensures we are able to support as many cancer survivors as possible.

  • Launch a crowd fundraising campaign.
  • Organize a in person fundraising event like a donation yoga class or cocktail party.
  • Write a grant or solicit donations from foundations or large donors
  • Make a tax-deductible donation yourself.

Any and all funds should be directed to the yoga4cancer Foundation (our non-profit partner).  All donations are tax deductible and 100% used to fund programs.

Fundraise today.

Create awareness

#2 - Spread the word of yoga4cancer!

Spread the word. Help give yoga4cancer visibility through social media. Post and share your yoga4cancer experience, whether in class or in training. Announce any fund raising events you are attending or hosting, and get people involved. Share with your fellow survivors, doctors, family and friends how much yoga4cancer improves your life or recovery.

Have a friend or family member who needs a yoga4cancer class? Send them to the website.

Want to promote your yoga4cancer class? Make sure you are listed in our directory for certified professionals.

Research Projects

#3 - Boast and boost the facts!

Get this evidence into the hands healthcare providers and decision makers. The benefits of yoga for cancer based on measurable facts and strong data has been compiled in the White Paper: ‘Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors‘.

Research Results

#4 - Distribute 'Yoga for Cancer' - the book

Now available in English, Spanish and Japanese, Yoga For Cancer shares Tari’s personal and professional experience using yoga to manage the challenges of cancer and its treatment.

  • Purchase a copy for you, a friend or loved one
  • Ask how you can receive copies of the book for your yoga studio, hospital or cancer center
  • Explore and share our accompanying resources. 
About the Book

The survivor yoga class has been an emotional and physical bridge to my recovery. I started my yoga with the group before my chemo.  This kind of support cannot be found in a ” regular” yoga class.

Andrea Cancer survivor

In general, limitations, life-long side effects and vulnerabilities imposed by surgeries and cancer treatments are a kept secret. When the treatments are finished, you get to go home, alone, to sort out the mess. During my own recovery, I observed that yoga helped me in ways I did not anticipate. It continues to be my personal powerful tool of survival, or, as I now call my thrival.

Marla Cancer survivor