New Students

Welcome to y4c!

As a new y4c student, we would like to welcome you to the community with a FREE class of your choosing (NYC class schedule below).

If you have a referral card, please provide it to the teacher at the start of class so the y4c student who referred you can receive credit for the referral.


y4c Class Description

Because not all yoga classes are right for cancer patients and survivors.  And for some, taking a yoga class can be intimidating because of the unique physical and emotional needs that cancer & its treatments bring.

y4c offers classes & privates tailored to address the specific needs of cancer patients and survivors.  These classes are not one-size-fits-all, nor simply a gentle yoga class.  All y4c classes:

  • build strength & flexibility in safe ways
  • stimulate your immune system & build bone density
  • detox the body and cultivate a sense of well-being
  • create hope & community
  • empower all to take control & enhance their lives
  • taught by a trained y4c teacher

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Class Schedule – New York City

Advanced registration required for all NYC classes. To register.