Leverage your community!

Getting the certification and qualifications to teacher yoga to cancer survivors isn’t always affordable. We know for many of our community the costs are daunting. Also, we know for many of our trained teachers setting up a class can be expensive.  We face the same challenges and we work hard to provide scholarships through fundraising and grants. BUT we also ask our community to do the same. Together we are better!

Raising the funds to attend yoga teacher training programs can be a big challenge for most people. We all have the desire and want to learn more to improve our skills but sometimes we don’t have the financial capabilities. Although applying for scholarships is a good, easy option, you are not guaranteed success. But there is another way that can help raise the funds you need AND help you implement your new skills with a yoga4cancer certification. Past and present students have used it successfully to raise funding and awareness of your certification, attract future students, get visibility with local hospitals and cancer centers so that ultimately your certification is being well used and rewarded.

Check out this sample here.



Start Your Fundraising Today!

GoFundMe and Indiegogo are a do-it-yourself online fundraising service that has helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars in online donations for the fundraising ideas that matter to them most. GoFundMe allows regular people to accomplish extraordinary things with easy-to-use personal donation websites. From exciting life events like weddings & graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents & illnesses, the GoFundMe or Indiegogo fundraising software remains one of the best ways to raise money online.

These sites are able to accept donations immediately.  You can use this page to get your family, friends, colleagues & community to provide support for your yoga4cancer certification.  Its a great way to get our ‘team’ involved and build a network of people invested in your advancement.

Step #1: Create a Page on preferred site:


Please follow specific details as provided on each site.  Tips for success:

  • Include images, details, stories, photos
  • Record a video with your ask via YouTube or any smart phone.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.. just something personal.  Put yourself out there.
  • Tell a story.  Explain as much as possible.

Check out this sample here.

Step #2: Promote, Share – CONSTANTLY:

Once you have created your page, you MUST share and promote. Send emails, text messages, or phone calls.  But also use Facebook!  Explain why you need help, what you plan on doing with your certificate.  Include or tag Yoga 4 Cancer (#yoga4cancer or @yoga4cancer) as we will help and promote.

Do it OFTEN.  Sharing one time or even a few will not be enough.  People need reminders and focus. Make the noise that your initiative requires.

Be sure to follow up and thank people..  Get them to be part of your ongoing efforts to support the cancer community.  Will they give again to set up your yoga4cancer class?