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Financial Aid

Let's be honest. None of us are rich.

Getting an advanced certification to teach yoga to cancer survivors isn’t always affordable. For many of our community, yogis and cancer survivors, the costs are daunting. We face the same challenges and we work hard to provide financial support through fundraising and grants. But we also ask our community to do the same. Together, we are better!

Our scholarship programs are only possible by the generous donations and support of our foundations, community and donors. Without their support and yours, we are unable to provide access to those that need the support. Together, we can help more survivors live longer, healthier and happier. Donate today to yoga4cancer Foundation.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Cancer patients and survivors come to yoga expecting yoga teachers to understand the benefits and risks specific to their needs. yoga4cancer Training Scholarships support yoga and wellness professionals who seek this necessary education to better serve the growing cancer community.

in 2020, yoga4cancer and yoga4cancer Foundation are pleased to offer nearly to $20,000 in scholarships for deserving yoga and wellness professionals based on specific criteria.  These scholarships are only possible due to the generous donations from foundation and support of our community.  We have to actively fundraise for all scholarships.  If you are interested in fundraising and / or providing a tax deductible donation, please review information provided here.

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Leverage your community

A guaranteed way to join!

Getting the certification and qualifications to teacher yoga to cancer survivors isn’t always affordable. We know for many of our community the costs are daunting. Also, we know for many of our trained teachers setting up a class can be expensive.  We face the same challenges and we work hard to provide scholarships through fundraising and grants. BUT we also ask our community to do the same. Together we are better!

Past and present students have used crowd-fundraising to successfully raise funds to participate in training programs.  Its guaranteed success if you put the work and due diligence in. Plus it creates awareness of your certification, attract future students, get visibility with local hospitals and cancer centers so that ultimately your certification is being well used and rewarded.

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