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60 mins

Nov 2 - 6PM


yoga4cancer is an evidence informed Oncology Yoga method tailored to address the specific physical and emotional needs left by the cancer and cancer treatments. It is an active practice that matches breath and movement to mitigate the short and long term side effects that cancer patients and survivors face like bone loss, lymphedema, scar tissue, constipation, neuropathy, fatigue, anxiety and more. Taught by certified Oncology Yoga professionals.

About yoga4cancer Community Classes

  • Live group classes start promptly at 6pm (EDT or EST) every Tuesday.
  • Classes are capped at 20 people, advanced registration is recommended.
  • Cameras are required to ensure a safe and effective practice.
  • Participants are requested to take Getting Started with Oncology Yoga prior to first session. This free program will provide the necessary support and answer many common questions.
  • New participants are required to show up 10 minutes before their first session.
  • A 10-minute discussion after the yoga session is provided to answer questions and build community.
  • This FREE class is only available due to fundraising efforts by the yoga4cancer Foundation. Please donate.
  • Taught by yoga4cancer Senior Teachers: Teri Richardson and Clare Patterson

Are you new to yoga4cancer or yoga?

Please take a short, free orientation program designed for you. You will learn:

  • What is Oncology Yoga?
  • Why is Oncology Yoga vital for cancer patients and survivors?
  • How to create a safe and effective space for yoga.
  • Suggestions on using technology.
  • Plus, special guidance and support for your personal Oncology Yoga practice.

We rely on donations!

This FREE classes are only provided due to the generous support of our community and foundations. We rely on financial support. Please consider donating or hosting a fundraiser.

All funds are tax deductible and fund classes, resources and support. We are committed to removing the cost of participation from our community.

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