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2021 Certificate Program

Tari Prinster


55 hrs

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About the Certificate Program

Yoga seems an obvious path for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and their ongoing side effects. In fact, oncologists and cancer organizations are recommending yoga and exercise as part of a cancer survivor's recovery and management plan. Both the American Cancer Society and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends between to 150 – 320 minutes of exercise per week to speed recovery or defend against cancer occurrence and reoccurrence. Yoga is specifically mentioned to achieve these weekly goals. Research has proven that yoga is a safe and effective way to manage the side-effects of treatment.

But, not all yoga is the same and for cancer survivors the needs and risks are different.  True compassion flows from knowledge and facts. Without an Oncology Yoga training, professionals are not equipped to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges of those touched by cancer.

The yoga4cancer evidence-informed oncology program provides the knowledge, facts and solutions to address the specific needs of the cancer community. Over 3,000 professionals are using the training today to improve the quality of care for cancer patients and survivors globally.

Program Participants

  • Yoga Professionals
  • Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapists
  • Healthcare Professionals (MD, Nurses Social Workers)

Certificate Program Fast Facts:

55 hour programAchieved over a 16 week program from August 30 to December 31, 2021 (Fall Session).
Delivered online through videos, readings, quizzes, live sessions, assignments and mentorship.
Self-paced, flexible scheduleEach participant determines their daily and weekly schedule to achieve deadlines.
It is recommended to at least 3-5 hours per week for the 16 weeks. Some weeks more and some weeks less.
EnrollmentEnrollment starts May 2021 to September 30th until sessions are full.
Live InteractionA series of webinars, classes and live events to create community, deepen understanding and answer questions.
Events are held at 1pm Eastern Standard Time.
Dates are provided in the Curriculum (see below).
Live participation is recommended but replays are available.
yoga4cancer ManualNew and extended 260 page manual includes the latest research, guidance on poses, teaching tools and more. 
Additional required reading: Tari’s Yoga for Cancer book.
MentorshipOngoing support by Tari Prinster, y4c Team and Mentors.
CEU creditsAvailable with Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists.
Other CEUs are pending.
Tuition$1,199 for the 55 hour program.

In the 55 hour training, you will learn...

  • the physics and physiology of yoga
  • facts about cancer and cancer treatments
  • the guidelines for survivors and corresponding research
  • common side-effects of treatments
  • how Oncology Yoga can mitigate side effects, improve daily functioning and long term health
  • appropriate and inappropriate poses
  • critical thinking to apply skills to all cancer patients and survivors
  • methods on how to credibly and authentically talk to cancer survivors and caregivers
  • how to talk with authority and credibility to healthcare providers
  • experience and practice in delivering a safe and effective Oncology Yoga intervention
  • and ample supervised teaching and mentorship.


The Tuition for the 55 hour advanced Oncology Yoga program is $1,199.

Financial Aid Options

Despite our commitment to manage costs, we understand that affording continuing education can be daunting. We understand that many in our community are faced with financial constraints from cancer and the low paying profession of yoga. We face similar financial constraints. We work hard to offset costs and provide financial support through fundraising and grants. Below are several options to manage the costs of Oncology Yoga training:

1) Payment Plans

Payment plan options can be provided to help participants spread payments over a period of time. It is important to note that all payments must be fully received prior to the start of the Program to gain access.

2) Scholarships - Application Closed.

We are able to offer 4 scholarships to participate in the Fall Session. Each scholarship will be awarded up to $700 – that is 60% of the total coast of the 55 hour program ($1,199). Recipients are required to pay the remaining balance (up to $499).

These highly competitive scholarships are awarded based on the specific criteria and require the recipients to support underserved cancer survivors and help advocate for Oncology Yoga interventions.

Please note all scholarships for the Fall 2021 Session have been awarded. If we are able to gain additional funding, we will be sure to provide more scholarships. We strongly encourage individuals to self fundraise as we are only able to award a tiny percentage of those that apply. Self fundraising is a guaranteed way to participate.

3) Organization Sponsorship

Many cancer centers, hospitals and institutions are investing in oncology integrative services like yoga. They require training and thus provide funds. About 20% of our trainees receive funding from their institutions either part or full to participate in the training. Plus it provides the necessary motivation to enhance the Oncology Yoga program at the institution and provide safe and effective intervention.

Download the research white paper to start. That will provide you the language and argument for advanced Oncology Yoga training.

4) Leveraging Your Community - A guaranteed way to join!

Many students have used their community through crowd-fundraising to successfully raise funds to participate in our programs.  These campaigns have included financial support from employers, local non-profits and benefactors. Unlike the scholarship option, it is guaranteed success if you put in the work and due diligence. Yes, it requires a bit of work but it's the type of effort we undertake to provide scholarships. And, frankly, it's good practice to learn how to fundraise.

Plus, it creates awareness of your Oncology Yoga certification, attracts future students, helps raise visibility with local hospitals and cancer centers so that ultimately your certification is being well used and rewarded. Learn more.

Program Curriculum

The 55 hour program is designed to be self-paced and flexible for various schedules, student locations and learning styles. How and when you study, practice and learn each week is up to you. Various specific live events - as per the Curriculum - are recorded and available on replay.

The program is best achieved by doing a minimum of 3-5 hours of work per week for the 16 week session. Some weeks more and some weeks less.

Achieving Deadlines

Despite flexibility in the program, there are strict deadlines to support completion of the program and to prevent cramming material. Our goal is to ensure comprehension and the safe & effective delivery of Oncology Yoga. These deadlines are specified throughout the curriculum, the program orientation and all program details. If you achieve the 3-5 hours per week, the deadlines are easy and ensured. Please note failure to achieve deadlines will incur costs and impact certification. Review Program Terms and Conditions.

Fall Session Dates & Deadlines

  • Program Starts - August 30th
  • Practicum Deadline - Nov 1st
  • Closing Webinar - Dec 13th
  • Program Ends - Dec 31st, 2021

Live Events

There are 11 live events scheduled through out the 16 week Program. Each event is unique and designed to support your learning curriculum, create community, and answer questions. Some events are optional and some are required. Live participation is always recommended but replays are available. All events are held at Mondays at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Some dates of events are subject to change but advanced notice via email will be provided.

Technical Requirements

The program is conducted fully online and requires experience, understanding and interest in a training conducted via computers and the internet. The program is easy and intuitive, but if you are a novice at technology, it will require learning new skills. Please note the technical requirements should not be intimidating nor a barrier for participation for individuals who are motivated to learn and follow instructions.

  • Use of a computer with high speed internet access is required to complete this program. Program access from tablets and smart phones is possible but not recommended for certain assignments.
  • Up to date web browsers or any associated computer software is required. We recommend using Google Chrome to access the program.
  • Basic understanding of technology and online learning is required. A willingness to embrace technology will ensure an enjoyable and effective program.
  • Video recording is required by all participants. A 20 minute teaching practicum must be recorded and uploaded. We provide ample support and instructions.
  • Technical guidance and support is offered for students, but we require all participants to follow instructions and tools when seeking technical support.
  • Participants who may need additional technical support based on poor technological experience may be charged a fee.

If you are concerned or curious about the technical skills required to participate, please take the Sample Program to assess the program and your abilities.

Types of Participants

Yoga Professionals:

The advanced Oncology Yoga training is recommended for experienced yoga teachers or therapists at the +200 hour level. The method is vinyasa based but is valuable for yoga professionals from any lineage.

It is recommended that yoga professionals have teaching experience of more than 1 year to absorb the maximum benefits of the advanced program.

Other Wellness Professionals: 

Healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, pilates instructors, exercise specialists etc are encouraged to apply. The theory and the practice of Oncology Yoga can be incorporated and beneficial to other movement modalities. A solid personal yoga practice must be demonstrated. Additional assignments may be required.

This advanced yoga training does not replace the value and need for a traditional 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Approval of application is required.

Oncology Professionals: 

Many oncology and healthcare professionals with a personal yoga practice and shared belief that yoga should play a role in integrative oncology services have successfully taken the program. Often they use the training to build a program in institutions or inform decisions. This program doesn't provide the necessary foundation to teach yoga. Additional assignments may be required. A solid personal yoga practice must be demonstrated. 

This advanced yoga training does not replace the value and need for a traditional 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Approval of application is required.

Certifications and Continuing Education Credits

yoga4cancer 'Find a Teacher' Directory - All graduates of the program will be provided with a yoga4cancer Certificate and given the opportunity to be listed on the y4c trained teachers directory.

Yoga Alliance CEU credits are provided with certification. Individuals must be registered with Yoga Alliance BEFORE the training program begins. Please review all the YA requirements. These credits are applicable to most +300 to 500 advanced teacher trainings.

International Association of Yoga Therapist CEUs – The yoga4cancer Certification Program is a recognized Professional Development for Continuing Education program for IAYT. The number of hours is under review due to online format requirements from IAYT. In 2020, participants who successfully completed these programs could apply for CEU 23-38 hours credits towards their IAYT credentials. Learn more here.

Questions about the program?

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