Flat & Fabulous

  A letter to all physicians from Barb Bordwell, member of the Facebook group “Flat & Fabulous”, regarding breast reconstruction (or lack thereof) and patient…
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Where’s Tari?!

Over the past year, we have featured Tari in various poses around the world on Facebook.  They have been super popular and amusing (for both…
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Rest & Restore with Supported Fish

Special Benefits: Increase chest muscles range of motion Improve breath fluidity and awareness through chest opening Deep relaxation due to gentle support Practice Level:  All Levels…
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What is a Vinyasa?

By Ani Weinstein, a y4c Teacher Translated from Sanskrit, vinyasa means: to place in a special way, order or sequence. Applied to physical practice, this…
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Pose of the Month: Full Body Stretch

  Special Benefits: Increases range of motion, cultivates movement with breath and coordination, strengthens and creates a flexible spine, increases lung capacity, stimulates the lymph…
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10 Tips to Thriving

From Tari 1) Instead of worrying about something you don’t want, imagine the things you do want 2) Commit a little act of kindness to…
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