Where’s Tari?!

We love featuring Tari around the world demonstrating yoga poses. Check out some of our favorites over the years!

Rest & Restore with Supported Fish

Special Benefits: Increase chest muscles range of motionImprove breath fluidity and awareness through chest openingDeep relaxation due to gentle support Practice Level:  All Levels Props needed: Two blocks, two blankets, …

What is a Vinyasa?

Oncology Trained teachers Ani describes a vinyasa and why its important to cancer patients and survivors practice.

Pose of the Month: Full Body Stretch

Cancer patients and survivor need to increase range of motion, strength and flexbility of the spine and movement. This yoga pose is designed to …

Gravity Bringing You Down?

Gravity has a tremendous benefit to the body, and y4c yoga consciously uses gravity’s gifts to our students’ benefit in the following ways:

The Big “C” Talk with Tari

  Question: Do your students talk about their cancers? Tari Answered: “Absolutely! Again, that sense of community is hugely important to what we do. When I started looking …
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