Pose of the Week: Dirty Tshirt

Benefits: Range of motion in shoulders and arms Chest and upper back stretch/strengthening Lymphatic drainage in arms Instructions: Inhale: Lift arms to cactus. Exhale: Fold…
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Pink is making me go Red!

Enough’s enough. As my husband watched the NFL yesterday, I became RED from pink-washing. A blatant profiteering from our basic human fear and spreading of false…
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Yoga Pose: Warrior One

Benefits: Strengthens the whole body Improves balance Builds bone mass Stimulates the lymphatic system – explicitly lymphatic drainage in arms Increases heart rate for cardiovascular…
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Yoga Pose: Cat and Cow

Benefits: Spine and hip mobility Arm strengthening Detoxes by stimulating lymph system in arms and torso Releases tension in lower back, upper back & neck.…
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