Pose of the Week: Dirty Tshirt

A yoga pose that is specifically designed for cancer patients to improve range of motion, lymphatic drainage and chest and upper-back mobility.

Five Ways That Yoga Helps Prevent Cancer

Yoga can reduce or prevent the risk of cancer by strengthening the immune system, detoxification, building bone, reducing stress and managing weight.

Benefit #7: Yoga Helps Manage Pain

Cancer treatment and their side effects can cause pain, not the cancer itself. But a yoga practice can reduce pain. Learn why and how.

Simple Ways to Manage Lymphedema

Lymphedema can occur after any cancer or treatment that affects the flow of lymph through the lymph nodes, such as removal of lymph nodes. Yoga …

Pink is making me go Red!

As my husband watched the NFL yesterday, I became RED from pink-washing. A blatant profiteering from our basic human fear and spreading of false information.

Yoga Pose: Warrior One

The yoga pose – Warrior One – can strengthen the body, improve balance, build bone and improve the lymphatic system. Learn how.

Child’s Pose: Why we don’t do it?

Child’s Pose is not necessarily relaxing or comforting for all student, which defeats its purpose entirely. Oncology Yoga employs other poses that are accessible and …

Healthmonitor – Guide to Chemotherapy

Tari Prinster review her recommended poses to beat stress & fatigue and improve flexibility & bone mass for cancer patients and survivor in Healthmonitor Magazine.

Yoga Pose: Warrior Three at the Wall

A yoga pose to strengthen the body, build bone, increase heart rate and stimulate the lymphatic system. Necessary for all cancer patients and survivors.

Yoga Pose: Cat and Cow

A yoga pose to build spine and hip mobility, arm strength, lymphatic drainage and more. Necessary for all cancer patients and survivors.
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