Advanced y4c Program

**In Development. **

Designed for previous graduates of Tari’s 45hr program who are looking for more advanced knowledge, experience and sequences.  It will include access to the new 150 page manual, online content and additional cancer case studies & practices. Provides advice on how to develop classes, work with hospitals and develop a program that best serves cancer patients & survivors. The program is ONLINE only and requires completion of either of the 45hr programs. 

Program Details: (to be finalized)

  • Approx 20 hr training online over 3 month period
  • Includes 2 one hr mentor sessions with Tari or another advanced y4c trainer.
  • Receive a new 150 page manual including new content, research and advice.
  • Access to all online training material throughout the duration of the training.
  • Required reading:  Tari’s Yoga for Cancer book
  • Certification: All graduates are able to apply for CEU credits, will be awarded a Advanced y4c certificate and will be offered premium placement on the y4c trained teacher register. Additionally these individuals will be offered opportunities to assist Tari and lead future programs.
  • Prices: TBD

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