2020 Program Scholarships

Deadline: May 22nd

In 2020, the yoga4cancer Foundation is able to offer approximately $10,000 in scholarships for deserving yoga and healthcare professionals. That equals up to $500 per recipient. These competitive scholarships are awarded based on the specific criteria and require the recipients to support underserved cancer survivors and help advocate for yoga interventions in the healthcare industry.

Who Should Apply?

Recipients of the Training Scholarship will be determined based on the criteria below, although it is not a requirement for each recipient to fulfill all of the below guidelines. Please read through the below criteria carefully and apply for a scholarship if you believe you are a good candidate:

  • EITHER: a trained yoga professional preferably with at least 1 year of teaching experience. A 200 hour yoga certification is preferred but not mandatory.
  • ORhealthcare and wellness professionals motivated to integrate or apply the y4c methodology into their existing professional practice or field. Healthcare and wellness professionals who have not completed yoga teacher certification should exhibit a strong and long-standing personal yoga practice to best provide support for this work.
  • Individuals must demonstrate a commitment to providing support to cancer survivors within their community through yoga.
  • Individuals who face financial challenges and seek assistance to afford training.
  • Applicants should be motivated to encourage healthcare institutions, cancer centers, yoga studios and community centers to provide yoga programs specifically designed and supported by the y4c methodology to address the needs of cancer patients and survivors.
  • Recipients of the Scholarship must be able to complete all 45 hours of the yoga4cancer Program.
  • Applicants must accept the technical and program requirements of the program – explicitly the online learning and technology requirements.
  • Applicants who are selected must respond to their acceptance letters within 1 week of receiving notification of their acceptance.
  • Recipients must be able to register and pay the remaining tuition of the program after all applicable discounts have been applied (total amount due up to $495).
  • Program registration must be completed 1 week after acceptance of the scholarship. Failure to register could mean the loss of the scholarship.
  • All other costs – technology, yoga supplies and travel or accommodation costs – are not included in the cost of the program, nor covered by the training scholarship.


Online Certificate Program

Due to Covid-19, we only have one program for certification in 2020. This 45 hour program is delivered through videos, reading, quizzes, webinars, assignments, group forum, mentor support and teaching practicum submissions. The program necessarily maintains strict technical requirements.

Please review all details of the program prior to application here.



Scholarship Application: Due May 22nd

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These scholarships are ONLY possible due to the fundraising efforts and grant support to the yoga4cancer Foundation. 

We are always needing financial support to provide scholarships and support to low income and vulnerable populations. We ask for our community to contribute as much as  possible.  Please consider donating or support via a crowd-fundraising campaign. 

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All donations & management of the Scholarship are administered through the yoga4cancer Foundation.