COVID-19 Policy and Recommendation

Updated September 25, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19, our mission to support the health and wellbeing of cancer patients and survivors has never been more important.

All existing data indicates that cancer patients and survivors have a higher risk of getting COVID-19 than individuals not affected by cancer. Also, due to compromised immune systems, cancer patients and survivors may have worse outcomes as their bodies are more challenged to fight off the virus, symptoms, other viruses or secondary diseases. Therefore, we must take all precautions to prevent those from being exposed to the coronavirus.

Following the lead of the CDC, our hospital and cancer center partners, yoga4cancer will not be providing in person yoga sessions, workshops or training programs until a vaccine is readily accessible. Since March 2020, all programs, classes and interventions have moved online. We are grateful that today’s technology has enabled us to do this without the risk of infection.

It is important to remember that cancer and the side effects of treatments will not wait for a vaccine. Cancer patients and survivors must continue to manage side effects, improve recovery and strengthen their immune systems against cancer, Covid-19 or other co-morbidities. Yoga has been proven to be a safe and effective intervention, and online oncology yoga enables our community to continue their recovery without the risk of Covid-19. Although our recommendation and policy prevents in-person engagement, we encourage our community – both the cancer community and those who serve them – to continue to maintain the weekly recommendation of 150 minutes per week of active exercise, which may include oncology yoga.

We recommend that people new to a home yoga practice or new to yoga entirely should review our provided guidelines to ensure safety and efficacy. Please see our ‘Guidance for Yoga at Home’

We recognize there might be individual cases or locations where yoga can be performed in person without the Covid-19 risk, but we encourage any professional or participant to seek the advice of medical professionals prior to participating in yoga in person and to use the utmost precaution as recommended by healthcare leaders in that community, particularly those with oncology expertise. If you are a participant, it is imperative that you follow the guidance of your oncologist and medical team.

We will continue to evaluate the situation to ensure we are aligned with guidance from healthcare leaders including leading oncologists. We are committed to providing the latest advice, research and support to our community of cancer patients and survivors and the professionals who serve them.