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My friend Jenny* hates yoga. As a Former Div 1 college athlete, this 30 year old mom finds yoga to be too slow, boring and “granola”. However, Jenny also hates Cancer and the side affects of chemo- namely constipation.

So here’s why I love y4c: it’s practical and accessible. When I recently saw Jenny at brunch, instead of saying, “hey you should come to a yoga class to find community and solutions”- all the things I know she would bristle at – I was able, in the middle of the restaurant, to show and empower her with tools she could use whether or not she ever stepped foot in a y4c class or yoga studio.

As Jenny sat in her chair I was able to show her some gentle twists. Using the chair back as leverage, I guided her into utilizing her abdomen versus her shoulders to create the twist compression on the ascending and descending colon. Then, I demonstrated a lymphatic massage of the digestive organs, making clockwise circles across my stomach using the pressure of my flattened hand. Lastly, I took a napkin, rolled it up lengthwise like a cigar and placed it across my lower abdomen and hugged my knees in one at a time so she could see how to use a blanket at home to create the same effect. Variations of these postures are shown on pages 268-269 of Yoga for Cancer.

Yoga meets you where you are. Literally.

By Lindsey Pearson, RYT, y4c and The Retreat Project Board member

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About Josi Kytle

Founding Partner of y4c & the Retreat Project Josi is the impostor in this group of yogis. Although she practices yoga personally and believes in its healing physical and emotional benefits, Josi isn’t an instructor. Josi bring the business acumen and organizational strategy to the team to enable efficient and sustainable growth of the program. Her background is in consumer marketing for FTSE brands like Hilton, British Airways and Avis in both London and in New York City. Josi is also Tari’s daughter so their unique, loving and familial approach lead all aspects of the business.