y4c Teacher Training – New & Improved in 2016!


In 2015, yoga4cancer launched the first ever Online+Weekend Teacher Training program. This hybrid program utilized technology and self-study whilst retaining the hands-on supervised training that Tari and her team have used over the past decade to train over 1,000 yoga teachers and other compassionate professionals.  We are pleased and very proud that 122 individuals participated in our advanced, specialized training programs in 2015 alone. We were eager to receive feedback, so we included a survey to test and monitor performance.  Here are the results:

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“The y4c Teacher Training was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to focus on yoga for cancer or yoga for anyone challenged with a disease. I would do it all over again!” C. Scott – July 2015


“As a yoga teacher, this was an empowering and humbling experience. This program will change your approach to yoga and your teaching methods. Not only did I enhance my knowledge of the benefits of yoga for cancer survivors, I learned the skills necessary to teach patients and survivors.” D. Migone – July 2015


“This training exceeded my expectations in the techniques for teaching yoga to individuals with cancer and those in remission or survivors. The research behind the specific yoga asanas, the sequencing and the benefit to cancer patients or survivors was beyond what I had anticipated.” – J. Hanson – August 2015


“The y4c teaching training is one of the most rewarding trainings I have been privileged to be part of. The y4c methodology is practical and relevant supporting both the science of cancer and yoga. I believe I am a better teacher having made been a part of this training!” M. Schooley – August 2015

New & Improved in 2016!

Based on specific feedback in these surveys, we have made some updates to the successful training program to make it even better for the needs of our yoga professional students and, ultimately, to benefit the survivors they work with.

  • 40% more yoga4cancer poses and vinyasa sequences featured
  • One week added to the length of the program to improve the quality of learning
  • Additional live webinar with Tari & the team to provide support & guidance
  • Improved tools & resources on applying the y4c method to different yoga styles

These changes are aimed at ensuring that our training program is the best possible and to help our trained teachers be successful in their work with the cancer community, because only together can we help more survivors live longer, healthier and happier.

For more information about our training programs and yoga4cancer in general.  Please visit our program options page.  We look forward to working with you soon!

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About Josi Kytle

Founding Partner of y4c & the Retreat Project Josi is the impostor in this group of yogis. Although she practices yoga personally and believes in its healing physical and emotional benefits, Josi isn’t an instructor. Josi bring the business acumen and organizational strategy to the team to enable efficient and sustainable growth of the program. Her background is in consumer marketing for FTSE brands like Hilton, British Airways and Avis in both London and in New York City. Josi is also Tari’s daughter so their unique, loving and familial approach lead all aspects of the business.

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