2016 Kelly Considine Scholarships


We are thrilled to announce the 2016 Kelly Considine Scholarships opportunities and applications.

Kelly Considine was a beautiful, talented, loving yoga teacher who dedicated her life to helping others with cancer grow strong, find courage, laugh and heal through the powerful practice of yoga.  Kelly inspired us to create these scholarships in 2013 to immortalize her love and dedication.  We have since helped twenty-one compassionate yoga teachers, like Kelly, to gain specialized training so they can better serve the cancer survivors and patients in their communities. During her life, Kelly helped hundreds of cancer survivors. Through these scholarships, she is helping thousands today. And that ripple of support will continue.

We are thrilled to be able to offer eight $500 scholarships to deserving individuals to attend one of the following trainings this Summer and Fall across the US.

Who should apply?

  • The applicant must be a yoga teacher with 200 hours or more of training who works with or has a desire to work with cancer survivors and patients in treatment. Additionally, other health care professionals with a strong yoga practice (e.g. physical therapists, nurses, etc) are encouraged to apply.
  • Our mission is to help those that need it the most. Therefore, our hope is to provide these scholarships to low-income teachers or teachers that have the will to advance their certification but lack the financial support.
  • Additionally, like Kelly, we want all recipients to ‘pay it forward’ and to work with and support low-income and underserved communities of cancer survivors.
  • Recipients must be able to attend the 45 hour Online+Weekend Training Program based on their selected program. And they must be able to pay the balance of tuition ($395) plus any travel expenses that are incurred.
  • Please choose program locations that are close to your residence and reduce travel costs.

About the y4c Online+Weekend Training Program: 

A 45 hour training certificate training program that takes our existing 10 year-running renown program and puts 60% of the content online whilst retaining the hands-on supervised teaching in a Weekend intensive. This format will enable students to take a large part of the training from the comfort and convenience of their home but retain the valuable hands on weekend intensive with Tari Prinster.  Learn more here.

2016 Kelly Considine Applications & Deadlines

Please make sure you review all the content of your chosen program before application.

Location Program Commences In Person Training Dates Program Details Scholarship Application
Chicago, IL July 25th Sept 23-25 Please read. Closed.
Dallas, TX Aug 1st  Sept 30-Oct 2nd Please read. Closed.
Portland, OR Aug 15th Oct 14-16 Please read. Closed.
Berlin, Germany Aug 22nd Oct 21-23 Please read. Closed.

Donate to the Kelly Considine Scholarship:

These type of scholarships are only possible by the generous donations and support of our foundations, community and donors.  Please help us support the cancer community. Together we can help more survivors live longer, healthier and happier.

The Retreat Project: All donations & management of the Kelly Considine Scholarship will be administered through the Retreat Project (NY non profit) – a organization that Kelly helped create.