Yoga Pose: Warrior Three at the Wall


  • Strengthens the whole body including core, legs, hips, shoulders, arms and back muscles
  • Builds bone mass
  • Increases heart rate for cardiovascular health and weight maintenance
  • Stimulates the lymph system
  • Increases leg flexibility

Props needed: Wall, table or stable chair with a high back

Begin in Down Dog at the Wall (optionally, rest your hands on a chair back or table instead of the wall).

INHALE: Slightly bend your left knee. Lift your straight right leg up and back, maintaining a neutral spine.

EXHALE: Press your left foot into the floor and straighten your left leg. Engage your abdominal muscles to support your spine. Reach the crown of your head toward the wall while reaching back with your right heel, toes flexed downward. Notice if one hip is lifting higher than the other, and try to make the hips even.

Hold for three breaths.

As you INHALE lengthen from the crown of your head to your lifted heel.

As you EXHALE root down through your standing foot.

To release from the pose, bring your hands back to the wall. Lower your right foot to the floor and walk toward the wall to come up to stand. Repeat on the second side, reaching the left leg back.

Modifications: The lifted leg does not have to be at hip height. Lift it as high as you are able (never above hip height) while keeping it straight.

Warrior Three at the Wall

Feeling strong? Want a challenge? Try the below variation!

INHALE: Reach your left arm straight back alongside your left hip, palm facing hip.

EXHALE: Reach your right arm back alongside your right hip. Now you are balancing in Warrior Three without touching the wall.

Warrior 3


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