Yoga Is A Rinse Cycle


by y4c teacher Jennifer Brilliant

Why Do We Feel Better After Yoga?

Yoga gives us emotional support and tools for working with the fear, stress and anxiety of cancer. By slowing down to breathe and sense our bodies, we take a few glorious moments to be in the present moment.  During a yoga class, we focus our minds and bodies on the exact time and place.  The touch of the blanket, the sounds in the room and the movement of our breath are a huge relief.

The teacher shows us which foot goes where.  We are given hands on help and a soothing voice to guide us.  We are cared for and in turn learn to care for ourselves.  Cancer patients and survivors are already dialed in to pay attention to how they feel all the time.  In a yoga class, feelings of fear are put aside and our focus is placed on the here and now.  Yoga helps us to be selective and constructive about the way we feel about our body now.  Off the mat, this is training for life – learning to know when to rest and when to keep going.

Through yoga, we can reach into our tender, deepest layers.  It is at these special moments where we can connect to our unconditional love, peace and happiness.  We build our confidence and a sense of empowerment in a community that wants to see each person smile and succeed.

A yoga practice is like the rinse cycle; we end up feeling clean and refreshed.

Temperture Rinse Knob


Jennifer Brilliant teaches regular y4c classes at her studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn on Thursdays at 5:45pm

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About Josi Kytle

Founding Partner of y4c & the Retreat Project Josi is the impostor in this group of yogis. Although she practices yoga personally and believes in its healing physical and emotional benefits, Josi isn’t an instructor. Josi bring the business acumen and organizational strategy to the team to enable efficient and sustainable growth of the program. Her background is in consumer marketing for FTSE brands like Hilton, British Airways and Avis in both London and in New York City. Josi is also Tari’s daughter so their unique, loving and familial approach lead all aspects of the business.