10 Tips to Thriving

From Tari

1) Instead of worrying about something you don’t want, imagine the things you do want
2) Commit a little act of kindness to someone else each day.
3) Be clear with your words.
4) Look for the good in you—not just in others.
5) Listen more than you talk.
6) Connect with others.
7) Reflect.
8) Move.
9) Breathe.
10)Be Grateful.

Living Beauty Retreat

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About Josi Kytle

Founding Partner of y4c & the Retreat Project Josi is the impostor in this group of yogis. Although she practices yoga personally and believes in its healing physical and emotional benefits, Josi isn’t an instructor. Josi bring the business acumen and organizational strategy to the team to enable efficient and sustainable growth of the program. Her background is in consumer marketing for FTSE brands like Hilton, British Airways and Avis in both London and in New York City. Josi is also Tari’s daughter so their unique, loving and familial approach lead all aspects of the business.