Yoga Pose of the Month – Tap Therapy

Tap Therapy: A relaxing & protecting massage.

  • Use the fingertips of one or both hand.
  • Gently tap your chest three inches below your collarbone (location of your Thymus Gland) 20 times.
  • Massage your temples in 20 slow circles.
  • Now, gently tap the forehead above your eyebrows 20 times.
  • Softly tap the crown of your head with fingertips of one hand while resting the other palm down anywhere on your body that feels good.
  • Repeat as often as it feels calming and natural.

Beyond relaxation, this simple action stimulates the immune system functions of the Thymus Gland helps to produce and maintain immune cells or lymphocytes that defend against cancer and other threats.

The purest comfort & strength can be found in smallest of gestures.

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