Mission and Vision                

The mission of yoga4cancer (y4c) and the Retreat Project is to help cancer patients and survivors manage treatment side effects and cancer recovery by offering specialized yoga classes, workshops, trainings and research. An accredited training program, available worldwide, prepares yoga teachers and healthcare professionals in y4c methodology, which integrates classic yoga and current scientific research.

This unique methodology is tailored to each survivor’s emotional and physical challenges during treatment, through recovery and beyond. Yoga strengthens the immune system, inspires confidence, and encourages survivors to be active in reaching their goal of wellness in a longer, happier and healthier life. y4c is an evidence-based methodology. The protocol’s goals and outcomes are being evaluated in two studies in Hartford, Connecticut and Plattsburgh, New York.

y4c is a registered LLC in the State of Vermont and The Retreat Project is a registered non-profit.

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