Yoga improves the lives of cancer survivors.

Our Mission

To help cancer patients and survivors manage treatment side effects and cancer recovery through a unique evidence based yoga method.

40% of the worlds population will face cancer in their lifetime. Research has shown that yoga can reduce the side effects of cancer and its treatments and reduce the risk of recurrence. But cancer survivors and patients need specific support from their yoga professionals. Our global network of trained teachers, resources, research initiatives and strong partnerships are focused on providing the quality of support those cancer survivors need and want.

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Good Morning America

We were honored that Robin Roberts and the Good Morning America team for their clear and effective coverage of yoga4cancer.  It provide new awareness to cancer patients and survivors everywhere and will take us one step closer to our mission.

yoga4cancer Mission:

yoga4cancer is prescribed and available for all those touched by cancer.

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Research White Paper

Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors

A robust review of existing research on the impact of yoga on cancer survivors and patients and the short- and long-term side effects cancer survivors face. Plus an initial guide to healthcare professionals on how to include a yoga intervention in their institution.

  • Developed by medical writers, oncologist, researchers and y4c team.
  • Translated into Japanese and Spanish.
  • Printed copies to be distributed to over 100 hospitals, cancer centers and oncology leaders.
  • Funded by the generous donors and contributors of yoga4cancer Foundation.

People are talking

Words from our community

I use the expression, “life-changing” very sparingly, but yoga4cancer was just that. Every bit of what I learned was critical information to teach yoga to students with cancer. This training provided me with practical and important tools and knowledge to teach safe and effective classes.

Tomoko Teacher Trainer

I loved my experience with yoga4cancer. I thought I was going for the asana and returned home with a deeper knowledge and a better understanding to cancer treatments, and how the human body responds to yoga. What a great experience with Y4C, such an eye opener. I will now teach yoga with a greater awareness.

Kathleen Teacher Trainer

The survivor yoga class has been an emotional and physical bridge to my recovery. I started my yoga with the group before my chemo.  This kind of support cannot be found in a ” regular” yoga class.

Andrea Cancer survivor

In general, limitations, life-long side effects and vulnerabilities imposed by surgeries and cancer treatments are a kept secret. When the treatments are finished, you get to go home, alone, to sort out the mess. During my own recovery, I observed that yoga helped me in ways I did not anticipate. It continues to be my personal powerful tool of survival, or, as I now call my thrival.

Marla Cancer survivor

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Find a yoga4cancer certified Trained Teacher

With over 2,300 trained teachers worldwide, we have the largest network of specialized yoga for cancer survivor professionals. In our directory over 600 professionals are actively supporting cancer survivors in their communities through specific y4c classes, general classes, privates and workshops.  Find support today!

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Yoga for Cancer - Tari's Book

In the 5-Star reviewed Yoga for Cancer, Tari Prinster, the founder of yoga4cancer, shares her personal and professional experience in using yoga to manage the challenges of cancer and it’s treatment.

  • Learn carefully selected yoga poses and sequences
  • Create a safe, home yoga practice
  • Adaptable for all levels of ability and addressing all cancer types
  • Learn the science and research on both yoga and cancer
  • Share in real life stories
  • Available in English, Spanish and Japanese.
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