2015 Program Options:

  1. Online + Weekend Program – 45 hrsNEW
  2. Intensive Program – 45 hrs
  3. Advanced y4c Training – approx. 20 hrs – Launching in Summer 2015


Yoga is an obvious step for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and ongoing side effects. Doctors are now recommending yoga as a way to manage anxiety and overall wellness. In 2012, the American Cancer Society recommended up to 150 minutes of exercise per week – explicitly mentioning yoga – to reduce chance of cancer or defend against reoccurrence.  So more and more cancer survivors are coming to yoga classes to gain these benefits.

But not all yoga is the same and for cancer survivors the needs are different.  True compassion flows from knowledge and facts. Without specific training, a teacher is not equipped to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges of those touched by cancer.  And cancer survivors come with higher expectations. The y4c training will provide you the knowledge and facts to work with this community.

TariYou will learn:

✔ The physics and physiology of yoga
✔ Facts about cancer, cancer treatments and side effects
✔ Appropriate and inappropriate poses
✔ Creating a healing community and class
✔ Hands on supervised teaching

The y4c methodology and training is not yoga for one-size-fits-all. Nor is it just a gentle yoga class. It is a specialized training for experienced teachers seeking to learn how to design a healing class for survivors at all stages of their cancer journey.  We focus on providing scientific facts and tools so that yoga teachers can addresses specific physical conditions, inspire hope, invite curiosity and give emotional support through a fun and nurturing community.

The y4c methodology was designed and tested by Tari Prinster – cancer survivor, author and yoga guru. Through her own recovery,  regular classes in New York City and retreats over the past decade, Tari designed and modified her vinyasa training to witness results in the thousands of cancer survivors. Since 2005, Tari has looked to help other compassionate yoga teachers from all over the world to develop their knowledge and skills. As of today, she has trained over 1,000 yoga teachers.  The science-based training will provide tools and insight on how to adapt all yoga styles and poses to fit the specific physical and emotional needs of this community.

Past students love it! Surveys over the past years have shown:

  • 98% satisfaction reported from past students.285383_508396259203661_524602933_n
  • 99.1% of students would recommend training to a friend or colleague
  • Significant improvement in comprehension of key concepts (science of yoga, cancer & its treatment, appropriate poses, the immune system & yoga, etc)
  • For selection of testimonials, please click here.  

Who should take this? 

We recommend y4c trainings for certified experienced yoga teacher at the 200 hour level from any lineage. We do recommend that participants have been teaching for more than 1 year to get the most out of the program.

Additionally, we have worked with physical therapist, oncology nurses and other similar professional backgrounds with yoga experience.  These need to be approved prior to the training.


All participants that successfully complete the training will be provide y4c certification and be provided the opportunity to be listed on the y4c trained teachers website.

The y4c Intensive and Online+Weekend Teacher Training programs provide Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with post-certificate continuing education credits. Upon completion the program, yoga teachers may submit 45 hours of post-certificate continuing education.

Additionally, we are actively applying for other CEU certification with other professional boards (e.g. Physical Therapists & Social Workers). More information to be provide upon completion of the course.

1. Online + Weekend Program – NEW

Based on student feedback and increasing demand, we thrilled to launch the Online + Weekend Program.  This training takes our existing 10 year-running successful program and puts about 60% of the content online whilst retaining the hands-on supervised teaching in a weekend retreat. This format will enable students to take a large part of the training from the comfort and convenience of their home. Plus, with reduced travel costs and less in-class time requirement, the training is more affordable and accessible. So we can together help more survivors everywhere.

Program Details:

  • 45 hr training over approx. 8 weeks concluding in a Weekend Session.
  • 4-5 hours per week of distance learning includes videos, readings, quizzes, webinars, assignments and more. Full curriculum.
  • Receive a 150 page manual including the latest research on yoga and cancer. Printing costs not included.
  • Support of Tari & y4c trained teachers
  • Required reading:  Tari’s Yoga for Cancer book.
  • Technical requirements:  Computer with high speed internet is required.
  • Certification: All graduates will be awarded a y4c certificate and will be offered the chance to be listed on the y4c trained teacher register. The program is certified with Yoga Alliance and graduates can apply for CEU credits.
  • Locations & Dates: In convenient locations across the US.  Latest schedule. 
  • Weekend Retreat: Participations is based on your desired location & timing but is required for all students.  Sample Weekend Schedule.
  • Kelly Considine Scholarships – We are pleased to be offering nine $300 scholarships in 2015 in honor of Kelly Considine – a friend and fellow y4c teacher. Learn more here. 
  • Introductory pricing will start at $895.  Early Booking discounts may apply.

Sample Module and Video

To help students understand the online learning experience we have provided access to the Module#1: Introduction of the online training.  Please note that access to other sections of the teacher training portal and online system will not be accessible until the course has been fully paid and you have received your username and password.

Additionally, a sample of the types of videos throughout the training are below for your review and reference.

2. Intensive Program

This 45 hr training is a required introduction for anyone who wish to work with the cancer community or are already working and require specific training. This program has been offered over the past 10 years and has helped hundreds of compassionate yoga teachers how to apply facts, science and research to their teaching. This is the same curriculum as the Online + Weekend Program but offered almost entirely face to face with selected partners.

Program Details:

  • 45 hr training over 2 weekends or over a 5 day intensive.
  • Includes some pre & post work based on the partner studio requirements.
  • Receive a 150 page manual including new content, research and advice.
  • Access to the Online training material during the duration of the program and for 1 month after.
  • Support of y4c trained teachers
  • Required reading:  Tari’s Yoga for Cancer book and manual.
  • Certification: All graduates are able to apply for CEU credits, will be awarded a y4c certificate and will be offered the chance to be listed on the y4c trained teacher register.
  • Limited locations in 2015
  • Prices starting at $695.

3. Advanced y4c Program – In Development

Designed for previous graduates of Tari’s approx 40hr program (either under y4c or OM) who are looking for more advanced knowledge, experience and sequences.  It includes access to the new manual, online content and various cancer case studies & practices. Provides advice on how to develop classes, work with hospitals and develop a program that best serves cancer patients. The program is ONLINE only and requires completion of either of the 45hr programs. 

Program details:

  • Approx 20 hr training online over 3 month period
  • Includes 2 one hr mentor sessions with Tari or another advanced y4c trainer.
  • Receive a new 150 page manual including new content, research and advice.
  • Access to all online training material throughout the duration of the training.
  • Required reading:  Tari’s Yoga for Cancer book
  • Certification: All graduates are able to apply for CEU credits, will be awarded a Advanced y4c certificate and will be offered the chance to be listed on the y4c trained teacher register. Additionally these individuals will be offered opportunities to assist Tari and lead future programs.
  • Registration: Commencing Summer 2015
  • Prices TBD

For more information about any y4c training, please register here.

 MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Our programs are educational purposes and are not to be mistaken for long-term therapy or cure. Some people may find some programs to be too psychologically or physically challenging. We recommend that you consult a physician or trusted counselor if you have any doubt.