Special Partner Highlight: 

The Treasured Chest program with Keep A Breast Foundation

The KAB/YSC Treasured Chest program gives any woman who is newly diagnosed withbreast cancer an opportunity to document her body and feelings by turning her casted torso into a beautiful work of art. These unique pieces, The Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Casts,™ are one-of-a-kind plaster forms that combine sculpture, charity and symbolic artistry.  They communicate complex emotions about breast health and the female form, allowing the castee to capture a specific point in her breast cancer journey.

We recognize that newly diagnosed women may be facing a dramatic physical change due to loss of a breast (mastectomy), partial removal of a breast (lumpectomy) or shrinkage of a breast caused by radiation.  Although others diagnosed with breast cancer will not undergo these procedures, the psychological changes that accompany diagnosis are just as significant.  This program was designed to support these women as well.

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For some amazing inspiration here are several recent castes from the Joshua Tree Retreat with the Foundation for Living Beauty.

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