Note from Tari – NYC class changes

Full Information of changes to NYC classes.  

Dear y4c students, teachers & community of New York City –

We wanted to provide detailed information on the evolution of the y4c program in New York City for those students & community members that wanted the detail.  As mentioned in recent newsletter, we need to make some changes to ensure the future of the program as possible. Our aim is be transparent and collaborative with our loyal community.  We need to make changes.

Driving Factors:

  • In 2012, yoga4cancer program was forced to evolve.  Today, we offer 5 classes in 3 studios with a variety of talented trained teachers providing y4c classes to a large base of students in NYC.
  • The cost of each class is on average $79.  This includes studio rental space, teacher’s fees & small admin.  These costs are not donated as some believed. And with an average of 6 attendees per class and the uncommonly low $5 class rate, on average, these classes are costing $49 per class for the business to offer.  This is not sustainable.
  • But, we know that there are more cancer survivors that would benefit from these classes in New York and beyond. We need to make our program more convenient and drive awareness.
  • To maintain the program and help more cancer survivors, we must improve the financial stability of the classes in the following way:
      1. Increase class prices but provide reasonable ways to save
      2. Increase student attendance
      3. Provide a better mix of location & timing of classes
      4. Efficiently handle class booking & payments
  • Our charitable ethos is fundamental to our program and who we are.  In 2013 we plan to donate a percent of all y4c revenue – including classes – to the Retreat Project (501c3) to help low-income participants in classes & future retreats.  We can only do this when the classes are making even money to pay our fixed bills (studio & teachers).

Our Aim:

  • Offer yoga4cancer classes across New York City, which are convenient, well located and reasonably priced.
  • To not profit off our students or classes but to cover the costs of our teachers, studios and our fixed administration costs. In the end, everyone’s goal is to support those greatest in need.
  • To grow the program to help more cancer survivors.

New y4c class schedule 

Highlights include:

  • Two evening classes at 6pm
  • Two options of Saturday classes – 10am and 2pm
  • New Midtown studio  – Barefoot Tiger – located on 39th & 6th Ave.
  • New Brooklyn location
  • New Upper Eastside class.
Monday 6 pm Barefoot Tiger Map 1 hour & 30 minutes Click here
Tuesday 3:45 pm Virayoga Map 1 hour & 30 minutes Click here
Wednesday 12 pm Sacred Sounds Map 1 hour & 15 minutes Click here
6 pm Barefoot Tiger Map 1 hour & 30 minutes Click here
Thursday 4:15 pm Sacred Sounds Map 1 hour & 15 minutes Click here
5:45 pm Jennifer Brillant (Brooklyn) Map 1 hour & 15 minutes Click here
Saturday 10 am Barefoot Tiger Map 1 hour & 30 minutes Click here
2:00 pm PURE East 1 hour & 30 minutes Starting 23 Feb


Further changes are in development so that we can best address the needs of our community.  So please be sure to visit y4c often and read the newsletter weekly. For classes outside of NYC, please see here.  We are actively expanding in these areas as well.

New Price Structure

Classes can be purchased at low as $12 per class.

  • A single class will cost $18 per class.  This is below an average NYC class at $22.
  • Purchases of ‘Class Packs’ will enable discounts up to 33%.
  • Special Introductory Offer will enable our loyal customers to purchase their classes as low as $10 per class. This expires by February 15, 2013 so act fast!
  • All classes must be purchased online & in advance of the class.  No WalkIns are allowed. This will enable y4c to cost efficiently manage transactions to keep class cost as low as possible.
  • First class will be free for all new students to encourage new students.

Walk In

1 Class

5 Class

10 Class

20 Class

Min. Cost per Class

Historical Pricing




New Student


Class Pack Options







Special Discount = 20%






Price with Special Discount (ends Feb 15!)







*Terms and conditions apply.  Please see for more information. 

Registration & pre-purchasing of classes is required for all students and prior to class.

For detailed support on how to register, click here.  It should take less than 10 mins.  Do it today!

Also, we have provided more information and some Q&A below for your reference.  See below.

Thank you for your patience and time to read this message.  I know I can count on your continued understanding and support.


Tari and the y4c team.







Some Questions and Answers

What if I can’t afford the classes?

We recognize that paying for yoga classes can be challenging for some of our students.  We have tried to keep the costs down as much as possible and provide discounts for all students. But even with those efforts, we know it could be challenging so we are working on several options to help our low-income students.

1)     Special Introductory Offer – The best option is to secure classes in NYC is to utilize the Special Introductory Offer with a purchase of a Class Pack (up to 20 classes).  This price provide you an individual class at $9.60 for 20 classes.  All class packs are refundable.  This offer will be ending on February 15, 2013 so act fast. More info here.

2)     Go Fund Me.  Get your friends and family to help raise money to fund your participation.  For more information, please see. 

3)     Sponsorship through the Retreat Project.  We will provide sponsorship to students that are low-income to attend these classes.  The students will be required to provide background information on low-income status and are subject to approval and agreement.  More information to come.

4)     Referral Program.  Help us grow the program. Its simple. More attendees’ increase revenue to offset our costs and thus we can afford giving you a discount.  So we are working to develop a ‘Referral Program’.  For example: if you bring 1 new student to class, we will provide you 5% off your class pack. If you bring 4 new students, we will give you 20% off etc. More information to come.

For updates on these programs and other ideas, please be sure to read your weekly newsletter.

Have an idea? Or want to help? We welcome any ideas, solutions and help.  Please contact



Why must we book online?  And what if I am having trouble?

We are operating out of several studios across Manhattan so that we can best offer our program to our students and community.  Each of these studios has a different booking systems and processes.  Also, we have many teachers and students to collect fees and pay salaries.  We need an efficient track-able system to manage our classes, fees and participants.  The tool –MindBodyOnline – is used by most yoga studios across the US.

We are happy to help you acclimate in the initial stages to set up an account, register and make payments.  Our aim is to make this as easy as possible.  But we need your support in utilizing this system or we will not be able to sustain the program.  To get help, please email

What is MindBody and why do we need to use it?

MindBody is an online booking tool that will enable us to efficiently control & monitor classes. The software allows students to see live class updates (ie: substitutes, cancellations), track their own visits in their student profile, pre-purchase discounted class packs, and sign up for classes, workshops and more.

It will enable efficient and easy management of classes for both y4c and students in Manhattan.

With a drive for more participants, how many students will there be in a class?

The ideal class size is around 12 people.  This enables a strong community feeling but also enables our teachers to have the right level of time & visibility to our students.  A class bigger than 15 is not recommended so we will be capping all classes at 15 people.

Based on the new pricing, we need to get a minimum of 7 attendees at the class to pay all the costs (teacher, studio, admin etc). Any profit will go to fund additional services & programs.

What is the Retreat Project? And how will the donation be used?

We are committed to our altruistic foundation.  So in 2012, we launched the Retreat Project (501c3 non-profit).  The Retreat Project brings yoga and other mind/body modalities to low-income and under-served women touched by cancer through classes & retreats. In 2012, we hosted 37 women to a fall retreat where participants reported a 97% improvement in sense of health & well being after the retreat.

In 2013, we are planning further retreats to help more survivors.  Also we intend to expand the program to help low-income survivors with scholarships to attend y4c classes.

So y4c’s commitment is that a percent of all revenue will be given as a donation to the Retreat Project.   For y4c classes in Manhattan, we will be donating % of net revenue to the Retreat Project.  NOTE: this will only happen once we have paid all our fixed costs.  More information to come

Does y4c offer classes beyond New York City?

YES.  We currently have several classes being offered in New Jersey & Rockland County, NY.  Also we are actively & rapidly looking to expand classes in the TriState area and beyond.  Please see here for more information and be sure to read the newsletter for latest news. (Note: y4c Class cards will only be accepted in Manhattan Classes)