Yoga Benefit #4: Yoga Keeps the Spine Strong


by Tari Prinster

Having correct posture not only makes us look younger, but it keeps us healthy.  When we slump, we change the shape of our spine and restrict a number of body systems.  This causes us to look and feel unhealthy.  Bad posture limits and crowds the space necessary for our lungs, stomach, intestines, and even the heart to function well.  With good posture, there is adequate space for all the organs to live and work well together.  This aids detoxification of the body.

Yoga teaches us how to correctly align our posture in every pose and movement.  We also learn how to use the breath to facilitate and maximize the strength of our spine, and the remainder of our skeletal-muscular system.   Developing back strength for correct posture is especially important to breast cancer survivors because breast surgeries and reconstruction can cause many life-long side effects.